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XCMG 20 Tons Vibratory Compactor Delivery To Algeria


As a result of the recent infrastructure development in Algeria, the government has liberalised the import of construction machinery and vehicles. Our local dealer started to purchase various types of XCMG brand construction machinery and SINOTRUK, SHACMAN truck in large quantities. This time he purchased 4 units XCMG 20 tons vibratory compactor from us, which are used for road construction. And the vibratory compactor will delivery by 40HQ container to save the freight cost.



The XCMG 20 tons vibratory compactor is a heavy-duty construction machine used for compacting soil, gravel, asphalt, and other materials. XCMG is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery, and their 20 tons vibratory compactor is designed to offer efficient and effective compaction capabilities.



Why Customers Choose XCMG 20 Tons Vibratory Compactor ?


1. Operating Weight: The compactor has an operating weight of 20 tons, which allows it to exert significant force on the surface being compacted, ensuring proper compaction results.


2. Vibratory System: The machine is equipped with a vibratory system that generates high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations help in reducing air voids, increasing soil density, and improving compaction efficiency.


3. Drum Configuration: The compactor typically features a single smooth drum or a combination of smooth drum and pneumatic tires. The smooth drum is suitable for compacting cohesive soils and asphalt, while the combination drum offers versatility for different types of materials.


4. Engine Power: The compactor is powered by a diesel engine that provides the necessary power to drive the machine and operate the vibratory system. The engine is designed to deliver sufficient power for smooth operation and optimal compaction performance.


5. Operator Comfort and Safety: The compactor is designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. It usually features a spacious and ergonomic operator cabin with excellent visibility. Additionally, it may have features like vibration damping seats, adjustable controls, and advanced safety systems to ensure the operator's well-being.