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This is our new order from One Asia Key country army in year 2019.the mainly specifications as follows:


Engine:WD615.69,336Hp,Euro 2 Emission standard.


Trancase Model:2000

Rear Driving Axle: ST16,Ratio 5.73

Front Axle: STR, Ratio 5.73

Wheelbase: 4625+1350 mm

Tyre: 11 pcs 13R22.5 Tyre,spare one

Cargo Body: 5800×2300×600mm,Ventral lifting

Cargo Body thickness: Bottom 8 mm; Side 6 mm

Max Gradability:60%

Front and Rear lights cover

Cause of the Army officer did not clear the millitary details,our dealers placed the order to us in some No.s. Millitary officers come to our factory to check,and found some specs is not what they really want.so problem happened,cause truck is finished, there is no chance to reproduce again. But we always take customers requirments as our first goal.so we set up technical teams and have a deep and friendly discussion on the truck amendment on whole truck weight less issue,and cargobox cut smaller issue,so well as the whole truck hight less issue.

every issue is a problem.cause we have to think of the whole trucks stability,and cost as well. as the trucks will be used in mountainous army base.so it offers very high demand of it. finally our tech team decided to cut the cargobox in order to catch up the users requirements as well as cost controlled.

We amend it as follows:

After that,and we get our millitary users permit,we do the shipment,below pics is the truck in seaport waiting veseel loading. you can see the cargobox get half down.and whole trucks weight get less and the truck stability incrase obviously.

we handled this 7 days only on the condition that our production line is full of orders, hand the trucks to our clients on time. and get our users a well remarks.

In the next months,army department will increase their purchase qty.and we expected to our next firendly cooperation.