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SINOTRUCK HOWO 6x6 Tractor Truck For Central African


Our client in Central African needs a SINOTRUCK HOWO tractor truck for the transportation of goods from the port of Douala to the capital Bangui. Considering that Central Africa is a hilly country, most of which is a high plateau with an altitude of 700-1000 meters above sea level. Most of the roads are in poor condition and are even more difficult to navigate during the rainy season. We recommended SINOTRUCK HOWO 6x6 all drive tractor truck to our customer, all-wheel drive truck can handle these roads with ease.



In addition to the 6x6 drive type for tough road conditions, we have also added a military bumper to the front of the tractor truck cab, intercooler and headlight and taillight protectors. Greatly protects truck parts from unnecessary damage. The engine use the WEICHAI brand 380HP, to support 50 tons cargoes transportation. And application with very mature model HW19710, 10 forward gearbox to make the fuel consumption low. Reduced operating costs for customers.



More than 5,000 trucks are engaged in cargo transportation services from Douala to Bangui, which is roughly 1,500 kilometers away. Such a long transportation distance requires trucks to have a strong range, Our SINOTRUCK HOWO tractor truck has a large fuel tank, the main fuel tank is 600L, auxiliary fuel tank is 1000L. To meet the requirements of long-distance transportation. The large 1600L mailbox can increase the range to nearly 3500 kilometers, and the driver does not have to go to refuel frequently, which saves time and improves the transportation efficiency. And the fuel tank is equipped with anti-theft device, which can prevent thieves from stealing fuel.