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SEM 919F Motor Grader Delivery To Mauritania


SEM 919F motor grader is new model product, It's an upgrade from the 919 motor grader. SEM, a subsidiary of Caterpillar, manufactures a wide range of wheel loaders, dozers and motor graders. With Caterpillar's advanced technology and reliable quality, SEM products are very popular. Our Mauritania customer before bought one SEM 655D wheel loader from us, he said the quality of the loader is very reliable and maintenance is very easy. Now he wants to buy another SEM motor grader for road maintenance.



This SEM 919F motor grader use the new model of SHANGCHAI engine has lower fuel consumption and more power than its predecessor. Equipped with oil bath system, it can further improve the air cleanliness and thus enhance the service life of the engine. The cab has also been further upgraded for a wider field of vision and easy maneuverability. It is suitable for various working conditions. In addition, this SEM 919F motor grader can also be equipped with front shovel and rear ripper, which can be used for different working conditions.



Whats The Advantages Of SEM 919F Motor Grader ?


1. Equipped with internationally renowned brand PPPC (Proportional Priority, Pressure Compensation) control valve for the variable displacement piston pump, enabling power distribution according to demand, reducing energy loss and hydraulic system heat generation.


2. Flow is proportionally distributed, allowing multiple compound actions to be performed simultaneously for high construction efficiency.


3. Direct connection between the variable displacement piston pump and the transmission ensures high transmission efficiency, reduces vehicle working noise, and enhances overall performance.


4. Standard floating function of the shovel blade reduces operational difficulty and operator workload, effectively improving construction efficiency.