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50 Tons 400HP SINOTRUCK HOWO Dump Truck For Angola


50 Tons SINOTRUCK HOWO Dump Truck For Angola can loading 50 tons cargoes, used for the construction and mining work. Our Angola customers have seen a lot videos of SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck on our website, very interesting to buy new one replace his old VOLVO dump truck. John contact with customer immediately, and send dump truck quotation, specification, videos and maintenance manual by email. The customers was very pleased with the way we treated him, after 3 months bank loan approved, the customer make payment soon.



400HP WEICHAI power engine is very good helpful for the 50 tons dump truck. Before our customer said 371HP engine only enough for 30 tons dump truck, if the dump truck loading too much, like over 50 tons, the engine appear to be underpowered, especially on climbs. This problem is easily solved by the 400HP engine with a maximum output of 294kw, ideal for heavy loads and special road conditions. In addition, in order to better protect the engine and improve engine life, the oil bath filter is used, which can further purify the air and improve the cleanliness of the air.



The cargo body volume of SINOTRUCK HOWO dump truck is 25 cubic meters, adopt the Q355 manganese plate. Why use the Q355 manganese steel to replace the Q235 carbon steel ? As follow:


1. The difference of material:

Q235 is ordinary carbon structural steel, Q355 belongs to manganese steel


2. Difference in strength:

Q235 yield strength of 235 MPa, Q355 yield strength of 355 MPa. It can be seen between the two materials, Q355 manganese steel and hardness is higher than Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel.


3. Application industries:

Q355 manganese steel has the advantages of high strength, strong hardness and strong service life. It is usually used for building structural parts, steel structure plant, product parts and so on, the use is very wide. And Q235 ordinary carbon structural steel steel plasticity is particularly good, low strength, suitable for general structural role.