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430HP SINOTRUK HOWO 35000 Liter Water Truck Delivery To Sudan


Sudan customer want a water truck to transport drinking water, and he have researched a lot of our SINOTRUK HOWO brand water truck. And have discussed many detail of our water truck, finally he confirmed the purchase of 1 unit of 35000 liter 430HP SINOTRUK HOWO water truck. And After 40 days of waiting, the water truck was finally produced. The customers are very satisfied after seen the water truck picture and video, and will place another order very soon.



The water truck tanker body adopt the carbon steel material, this steel is affordable and durable, and is the best choice for water tank truck and oil tank truck tanker bodies. With excellent corrosion resistance and anti-rust coating inside the tank, these can ensure the quality of drinking water and prevent water pollution caused by rusting of fittings. The tank is divided into 3 compartments, each compartment 11660 liters of water, the installation of 2 wave plates can effectively reduce the impact of water on the tank, to maintain the balance of the center of gravity.



The SINOTRUK HOWO water truck engine is WEICHAI brand, model is WP12.430E201, max horsepower is 430. With 6 cylinder, displacement at 11.596L. Same model with SHACMAN truck, so the customer can easy get spare parts at local. Adopt high efficiency and energy-saving technology, which makes the engine more powerful and can meet various usage needs, With low fuel consumption, it can reduce the cost of use and improve economic efficiency. Advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality control system are adopted to ensure the reliability and stability of the engine.



In order to ensure that the customer can put the vehicle into use immediately after receiving it, the electrical circuit of the vehicle is protected. We will ask the shipping company to put the truck into the cabin of the ship, so that it can be protected from the humid air of the ocean and the corrosion of sea water. Although the shipping cost is a bit high, but it's very worth to do it.