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Company News

3 Tons LW300FN XCMG Payloader Delivery To Uganda


On April, the customers from Uganda is mainly engaged in construction industry, he has 16 branch company in Uganda. Committed to the construction of local roads, bridges and other infrastructure. The customers previously imported large quantities of building materials, trucks and construction machinery from China. He found our SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck and XCMG wheel loader when he went to Mombasa port for inspection, so he contacted us.



The customer is very familiar with XCMG's loaders. He has purchased second-hand XCMG ZL50GN, LW500FN and LW300FN loaders before. Although the used loader is cheap, the quality is so poor that the customer spends a lot of money to repair the loader and delays the progress of the project. That's why he bought a new XCMG loader.



XCMG LW300FN is the most popular model of China 3 tons wheel loader with the features of maturity and reliability of the old model, LW300FN is improved all round, and leads in the same kind of product. With traction at ≥9t and breakout force at ≥13t. High adaptability.The 2600mm wheelbase features high mobility and flexibility and is applicable to all kinds of working sites.



What Kind Of Bucket The Wheel Loader Can Optional ?


-. Standard bucket:suitable for diversified working conditions.


-. Rock bucket: It's dedicated for handing of hard materials (such as rock), featuring good resistance against wear and impact.


-.Coal bucket: It's dedicated for handling of bulk materials (such as coal), featuring high bucket capacity and high efficiency.


-. Clamp: For grab and transport of various woods and tubing.


-. Bale grabber: It's used for the grabbing and handling of various light materials in farms, biological power plants, and paper mills.