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XCMG HANVAN G7 Dump Truck For Guinea


Our Guinean customer owns a mine and has purchased various XCMG brand construction machinery, like wheel loader, excavator etc from us for many times. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of XCMG brand products, which is a very good product. This time he wants to buy XCMG 25 tons dump truck again, after several discussions, we reached a deal very quickly.



XCMG dump truck belongs to HANVAN series, which is a new type of dump truck and adopts a lot of high-end technology. The whole truck is equipped with 371HP engine, which is powerful and fuel-saving, and the same engine as SINOTRUK dump truck, and the spare parts are easy to buy in the market. In addition, it adopts FAST brand gearbox, which has quick shift response and no lagging, and HANDE brand axle, which has strong load capacity and small chassis with strong passing ability.



Whats Advantages Of XCMG HANVAN Dump Truck ?


1. More comfortable cabin: The XCMG dump truck cabin has improved the location of the buttons and the storage space so that the driver can reach and operate them easily, and there are also chrome-plated decorations on the buttons, so that the level of class has been improved.


2. Reliable power chain: 371HP engine, FAST brand gearbox, and HANDE brand axle are used in many dump trucks, with wide shift range, durability and easy maintenance.


3. More durable cargo box: compared with other cargo box, our XCMG dump truck cargo box is made of manganese steel, the load capacity is more than 5 times than normal steel. And all of them are auto-welded with strong welding quality.