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XCMG 3 Tons Mini Excavator Delivery To Cabo Verde


Our Cabo Verde customer want a 3 tons mini excavator used to dig plantation drains, the XCMG XE35U excavator Ideal for customer requirements. The XE35U's small overall size makes it ideal for working in tight places. Very easy to operate and low maintenance. The cab can be turned 35°to the front, which greatly improves the ease of maintenance of the engine and its accessories, the main valves, the slewing motor, and the centre slewing body.



This XCMG 3 tons mini excavator cab is welded to the floor and console, effectively blocking the noise transmission between the bottom of the cab and the cab interior, and enhancing driving comfort. The key hydraulic parts are all international and domestic famous brands, adopting the latest technological achievements, with low energy consumption, fast response speed, precise control and small impact, which can maintain strong digging capacity and excellent operating efficiency.



Whats The Advantages Of XCMG XE35U Mini Excavator ?


1. A new generation of throttled hydraulics ensures optimum digging efficiency.


2. The cab adopts a large area of high-strength toughened glass, with a wide field of vision.


3. Equipped with new seats and rubber shock absorbers to dampen the whole cab, which improves driving comfort.


4. Newly optimised working device, with local reinforcement on the parts with high stress on the moving arm and bucket bar, and at the same time adjusting the structure to disperse the stress and improve the service life.