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SINOTRUK HOWO 12 Tires Tipper Truck For Ghana


SINOTRUK HOWO 12 tires tipper truck is very popular in Ghana, around 2000 units tipper truck into Ghana market per year. Our regular customers who has bought 15 units SINOTRUK HOWO 10 tires tipper truck from us, now want to buy a big bucket 12 tires tipper truck for his sand and gravel transport business. This is the last batch of 371HP tipper truck, now all 290HP, 336HP, 371HP and 420HP engine stop production and upgrade to new model 300HP, 340HP, 380HP, 400HP and 430HP.



This SINOTRUK HOWO 12 tires tipper truck bucket size reach to 30.5m3 volume, its can loading 40% more sand and gravel per trip compared to a 10 tires tipper trucks. Greatly improved transport efficiency ! and the material of bucket is manganese plate Q355, high pressure resistance, wear and impact resistance, longer service life. Customer's truck has been in service for 5 years with no problems with the bucket.



We have also added a number of sensible and scientific designs to the tipper truck according to the customers tipper truck work condition. We all know the the dusty and poor air quality of the sand and gravel plant put the SINOTRUK HOWO 12 tires tipper truck air intake filtration system to the test.So we adopt the oil bath air filter for tipper truck, which can improves the ability to filter air for effective engine protection. In addition, consider the sand and gravel plant road condition not good, the protect cover for intercooler, lamp, oil pan is very necessary, greatly reduced maintenance costs.



SINOTRUK HOWO 12 Tires Tipper Truck Daily Maintenance:


1. Check all bolts and nuts for looseness, if any, tighten them in time.

2. All oiling points must be filled with oil once to ensure the vehicle works properly.

3. Check all air and oil lines of tipper truck for leaks, replace damaged hoses in time.

4. Check the wear and tear of the rubber parts, if there is aging, they must be replaced in time.

5. Check whether the valves and hydraulic cylinders on the vehicle are dirty, if so, they need to be cleaned.