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SINOTRUCK 12 Wheel Tipper Truck For Angola


Angola customer get our contact information from his friend, we have worked with each other for many years. The customer want buy a 50 tons SINOTRUCK tipper truck used for the sand, gravel transport. Due to it’s the first time the customer import goods from China, the customer was very careful. Our sales manager John made a document for the customer detailing each step. Made the customer understand that importing a truck is very simple.



Based on the customer's requirements, we recommended the 12 wheel SINOTRUCK 50 tons tipper truck to the customer. The truck engine is 400HP, WEICHAI brand, maximum torque of 1920N.m. Cargo box use the manganese plate, high strength for transporting large stones. The lifting system is adopt the HYVA brand, high stability and low failure rate in the lifting of cargo boxes. In addition, the tipper truck tire use the radial model 12.00R20, due to tipper truck most of the time is spent working in off road conditions, requiring hard wearing tires.



About the tipper truck cargo box, material have manganese steel, carbon steel and wear resistant steel is optional. According to truck loading cargoes type and tons, choosing the right steel and steel thickness. We recommend the use of automatic robotic welding technology, which guarantees high quality and non-cracking welding of the cargo box. See picture



What Are The Maintenance Requirements For Tipper Truck Cargo Box ?


1. Load in strict accordance with the regulations.

2. Each oiling point must be oiled once a week.

3. Check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaking.

4. Check the use of accessories and whether the bolts and nuts are loose and tightened.

5. Hydraulic oil must be kept clean, and the hydraulic oil must be replaced regularly and in time to remove the sediment

6. Pay attention to and check the upper and lower support of the hydraulic cylinder, observe whether the parts and their related fixed parts are abnormally damaged or deformed.