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SHACMAN 35000 Liter Water Truck Delivery To Sudan


SHACMAN F3000 water truck is very popular in Sudan, the water truck can used for transport drinking water or work at some construction site for clean work. Our Sudan customer want to buy a 35000 liter water truck for his construction site clean job. Consider his truck work condition and budget we suggest customer choose 340HP engine for his water trucks. The water truck also have front spray and rear sprinkle function, with fire-fighting function.



Our SHACMAN F3000 water truck engine horsepower have 340HP, 380HP and 430HP optional. If need transporting drinking water (35000 liters) the engine horsepower must over 380HP, consider the water truck total weight. The water truck engine brand is WEICHAI, This is a very famous engine company, China Top 1. Currently supplying engines to FOTON, SHACMAN, FAW and even SINOTRUK truck.



The SHACMAN F3000 water truck tanker body material is carbon steel, here are aluminum alloy and stainless material optional. The disadvantage and advantage of these material as follow:


Stainless Steel Advantages and Disadvantage


1. Stainless steel is lighter than other materials and water truck is more fuel efficient.

2. Stainless steel also has the advantage of being resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.

3. Stainless steel tank body is made of SUS304 food grade material, the advantage is that it is not easy to rust, high safety, very suitable for drinking water transportation.

4. Stainless steel cost and maintenance cost very higher.


Carbon Steel Advantages and Disadvantage


1. Low manufacturing cost and easy to weld.

2. High operating costs due to the heavy weight of the tank.

3. Easy to rust inside the tank, need to apply anti-rust primer.