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Company News

400HP SINOTRUK HOWO Concrete Mixer Truck Ship To Zambia


Zambia customer before purchase 5 units SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck for us for his brick factory material haulage. This time he need concrete mixer truck for his expand business, the concrete mixer truck is a kind of machine which mixes cement, aggregate and water and makes concrete mixture. Mixer is mainly used in the construction industry on-site mixing, and through the mixing equipment to mix the concrete to be transported to the place where the concrete is used.



This SINOTRUK HOWO concrete mixer truck adopt the new model WEICHAI brand WP12.400E201, 400HP engine. Powerful and suitable for all road conditions. The tanker body adopt the manganese plate, 10m3 tanker body. Use the automatic CO2 welding tech, long life of the tank, not easily cracked. And tire use the 12.00R20, radial model, LINGLONG brand. LLA08 for heavy duty and suitable for rough roads, hard wearing.



How to clean SINOTRUK HOWO concrete mixer truck?


1. Regularly carry out the maintenance and maintenance of the items specified in the maintenance regulations, such as cleaning, lubrication, oiling, etc


2. Before starting the concrete mixer truck, check whether the controllers are in good condition. After shutdown, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10 ~ 15 minutes for cleaning, and then clear the water and stones. If the operator needs to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power supply and removing the fuse, the switch box must be locked.


3. t is forbidden to use a sledge hammer to clean the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer truck barrel. Only chisel can be used to remove the concrete.



Daily maintenance work for SINOTRUK HOWO concrete mixer truck


1. According to the regulations, oil the seal at the end of mixing axle regularly when the main engine is started to ensure the long-term normal operation of the oil seal structure;


2. Check whether other refueling points, such as each rotation, turning wheel and track, need to be refuel.


3. Check the vulnerable parts, such as lining plate, blade and mixing arm, and adjust or replace them in time.