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380HP SINOTRUK HOWO 6x4 Dump Truck For Senegal


SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck is very popular at Senegal, most of our local customer use it to do construction and mining work. Our regular customer referred his brother to us for a good quality dump truck at a good price. Through the communication, we know the customer's requirements and recommend the latest model of 380HP SINOTRUK HOWO 6x4 dump truck equipped with WEICHAI engine to the customer.



The customer also have supplier in China, but after working together once, the client felt very dissatisfied. The customer told us that it took his supplier nearly 60 days to finish the production, and the dump truck waited for 20 days at the port of shipment before it was shipped. After the customer received the dump truck, he found many rusty places, and when he approached the supplier, the supplier said it was a normal problem. We send a lot of documentation to our customers showing how we control production times and shipment periods, as well as avoiding issues such as truck rust. The customer regretted that he didn't follow his brother's advice to buy from us !



This SINOTRUK HOWO 6x4 dump truck adopt the WEICHAI brand 380HP engine, application the 10 forward gearbox and 16 tons heavy duty loading axle. This is a very mature powertrain that can meet the needs of various working conditions. Consider the dump truck will work at the mining site, the cargo body material adopt the HARDOX steel, ensures greater wear resistance while also increasing longevity. And the top of cabin with 1 pcs warning lamp, It serves to increase job safety, especially when working at night.



Before the SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck will be finished production, we let the customer prepare the balance in advance. And we also arrange the shipment in advance. The customer paid the balance on the next day after seeing the pictures and videos of the dump truck, and we started the dump truck in the port and arranged the shipment soon after we received the final payment. The whole process only took 10 days! The customer was very satisfied with our efficiency!