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Company News

3 Pcs Side Wall Semi Trailer Delivery To Côte d'Ivoire


This year TRUCKMAN AUTO have sold around 60 units all kind of semi trailer to Côte d'Ivoire till to May. Especially the low bed semi trailer is very popular locally, it depends on the quality of our trailer, reasonable prices and fast after-sales feedback etc. The local customers get our contact information from his friend, and had seen our trailer at local already. He would like to start to business with us from 3 units side wall semi trailer first.




The customers will use the side wall semi trailer to haulage cement bag and 20FT, 40FT container. We add the 12 pcs container lock at bottom of loading platform, and the width of side wall semi trailer reach to 2600mm, it’s very convenient to customers transport container, no need remove the fence. Improved work efficiency !




Basic our TRUCKMAN AUTO semi trailer working report, the chassis parts like suspension, rim, leaf spring thickness all enhanced. Such as leaf spring, many trailer factory said 90x13mmx8pcs is enough to loading 60 tons cargoes. In fact, they only considered the good road conditions on the Chinese side, ignoring the bad road conditions at local. It's very unprofessional ! So that’s the reason why our TRUCKMAN side wall semi trailer adopt the TAIYUE brand 90x16mmx10pcs leaf spring.



How To Change Tires On A Semi Trailer ?


1. Apply the parking brake to prevent the semi trailer from moving forward and backward.


2. Use a wrench to loosen the nuts of the flat tires one by one, usually by turning counterclockwise to loosen the nuts. Just loosen it, don't have to unscrew it.


3. First find the steel fulcrum around the flat tire, don't push it against the lower edge of the door, put the jack under it. Raise the jack, pay attention to when the jack is raised, the jack should be upright and not skewed.


4. After the flat tire is in the air, stop raising the jack, and then use a wrench to unscrew the loosened nuts one by one.


5. Hold the flat tire with both hands and forcefully remove the tire.


6. Hold the spare tire and install it on the hub. The nut hole of the wheel should be aligned with the nut hole on the wheel hub.


7. Then screw the tire nuts in by hand, and then use the tire wrench to tighten the nuts one by one.


8. After all the nuts are tightened, slowly lower the jack.


9. Finally, use the tire wrench to tighten the nut again.