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Company News

2 Units SINOTRUK HOWO Dump Truck Ready To Ship To Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast customer have seen our SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck video on YouTube, the customer thought dump truck is suitable for his construction material business well. So he visit our website and send us a dump truck inquiry. Our sales manager Alice reply customer very soon and after talk with customer, she has recommended a suitable dump truck to customer and find a good shipping solution help customer reduce cost too. The customer very happy for what we do for him.



Alice have a big customer in Ivory Coast, she know the local market need what kind of dump truck. The 2 units SINOTRUK HOWO dump truck tire is 10+1 pcs, with one spare tire. Tubeless model, CHENGSHAN brand. 315/80R22.5 this model tire very suitable for local hot temperature work condition, the tire not explosion after long time braking. And there are have a lot stock for this model tire, the customer can easy bought from local. The purchase and maintenance also lower than radial model tire.



Consider the future maintenance, we have give the customer free spare parts, like filter, brake lining etc, these parts can help customer save maintenance cost. And we have establish a SINOTRUK spare parts warehouse, the spare parts can arrange the DHL or other air express to customer city within 3-5 days. The quality of spare parts not copy, even some parts quality better than original one. We also have a after sales team 7x24h ready to help you solve your truck issue.



This dump truck uses lightweight components to achieve weight reduction of the whole vehicle, in addition to the conventional aluminium alloy gas storage cylinder, aluminium alloy fuel tank and heavy-duty version of the steel plate spring, but also through a large number of scientific weight reduction, to meet the body strength at the same time, completely meet the needs of users to pull more goods and make more money.