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Company News

12 Wheel 400HP SINOTRUK HOWO Dump Truck Ship To Zambia


Zambia customer have visited our TRUCKMAN website and seen our SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 dump truck delivery to Kenya news. The customer said the truck looks very beautiful and strong, its perfect for his project. He also said there are lot of SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 dump truck work at mining and construction site, they always in running, very low failure rate. And we told him the engine horsepower upgrade from 371 to 400HP, WEICHAI engine is more durable than before used one, So he plan to buy 2 units dump truck for a trial orders.




Our SINOTRUK HOWO 400HP dump truck cargo box material have the carbon steel, manganese steel. These two units 400HP dump truck adopt the manganese steel, compare with carbon steel the manganese plate with high loading capacity and pressure resistance. The yield strength of manganese plate reach to 355Mpa, for sand, gravel, limestone and coal haulage no issue. Carbon steel have low purchase cost but the service life is short. For SINOTRUK HOWO 400HP dump truck cargo box paint, we use the polyurethane paint, avoid the rust issue when transport at ocean.



12.00R20 radial model is very good for mining site and some bad road condition work. The SINOTRUK HOWO 400HP dump truck use the CHAOYANG brand tire, CHAOYANG tire is China TOP brand tire, their mining tire winner of many awards. Good materials, reliable quality, long life and wear resistance. Even you can choose other famous brand tire, such as TRIANGLE, LINGLONG, CHENGSHAN etc. In addition, the dump truck rim thickness also enhanced, too meet the poor road work and heavy duty loading.



How To Maintenance The Dump Truck Lifting System ?


1. Change the hydraulic oil regularly.

2. Grease hydraulic cylinders frequently.

3. Daily inspection of cylinder supports for wear and lubrication.

4. Check the normal operation of the mechanism and the noise.

5. Check all parts of the nuts, if they exceed the specified use requirements, they must be replaced immediately.